Pilgrimage Park

All Christians are pilgrims on the way to Celestial City and spiritual wanderers. 

“Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park” opened at Pilgrim House as a compass for pilgrimage.

The various characters and locations in Christian’s pilgrimage represent people we encounter on our life’s pilgrimage and they also show a picture of ourselves. The false and true pilgrims we meet on the way teach and challenge us on our journey of faith, and guide us to finish well the race set before us.

40 characters that have remained in the text of The Pilgrim’s Progress for so long are reborn as visible statues. On the Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park, you can meet the characters made from godly inspiration and wisdom.

We pray that Christians walking their pilgrimage in faith will find rest and spiritual strength through the Pilgrim’s Progress Pilgrimage Park.