Sudeok / Myungji / Yeonin Hall

There are three seminar rooms suitable for small-group meetings, which can be used for various purposes according to the number of people and meeting purpose.

Sudeok, Myungji, Yeonin

The three seminar rooms are named after the three mountains that surround Pilgrim House: Sudeok (back side), Myungji (right side), and Yeonin (left side). Korean gardens are known as chakyung, which means borrowed scenery (Japanese as mysterious beauty, Chinese as stunning beauty). All the scenery at Pilgrim House is borrowed from nature. In appreciation of this grace, we have named the three rooms Sudeok, Myungji, and Yeonin. We hope the conversations held in these rooms will bring warmth to you.


LED TV (with laptop HDMI connection)


16 persons each


2F Jerusalem Building