Pilgrim Spirituality Seminar

Centered on The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan, the training reflects on life’s journey from conversion to entering Heaven, and also includes walking on the actual Pilgrim’s Progress trail. “This seminar examines John Bunyan’s pilgrim spirituality as a guide to Christian pilgrimage, and helps the Protestant church recover the spirituality of silence.”

Seminar Information

Schedule : twice a year, 2 nights and 3 days

Registration : Pastoral Leadership Institute website announcement http://www.forleader.org

Instructor : Dr. Daniel Dongwon Lee

Location : Pilgrim House

Inquiries : 031-719-9191

Seminar Order

Chapter 1 Pathway to Christian Spirituality

Chapter 2 John Bunyan’s Pilgrim Spirituality

Chapter 3 Spirituality of Salvation

Chapter 4 Spirituality of Sanctification

Chapter 5 Spirituality of Language and Silence

Chapter 6 Spirituality of Emptying and Filling

Chapter 7 Spirituality of Daily Life

Chapter 8 Spirituality of Holy Battles

Chapter 9 Spirituality of Joy, Peace and Rest

Chapter 10 Spirituality of Pilgrim Community

You can register for the seminar during the registration period on the Pastoral Leadership Institute website.